Solar Cold Storage

Solar cold container - Sedda Gui v.1

Revolutionary Modular Solar Cold Room

Janta.Bi is pleased to offer a revolutionary solution to the perennial problem of food storage in Africa.

A standalone/off-grid solar cooling system designed to operate reliably in regions with challenge of quality power supply. It enables one to retain the quality of their perishable produce and can be used in a market, farm gate or elsewhere.

Ice Core – Unique thermal energy-based technology. Provides a low cost, battery-less backup of up to 30 hours.

Inverter Tech – Inverter Technology based refrigeration system that works efficiently, even during hours of low sunlight.

AI – A platform developed in-house, it conducts predictive diagnostics with the help of

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.


Dimensions: 20 ft /40 ft container. Smaller sizes available. Contact Us: +220.703.9288  Email: info(at)

Key Features

·         Solar Powered Thermal Storage to Operate Without Power

·         IOT Enabled Predictive Maintenance

·         Suited to Work at Collection and Distribution Points

·         Up to 30 Hours of Battery-less Backup

·         Temperature Range of 4°C and Above

Component Lifetime:

·         Compressor – 10 years.

·         Solar Panel – 25 years

·         Polyurethane foam panel, waterproof – 10 years

·         Thermal plates – 10 years