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Who Are We

Nadji.Bi is a Pan African Industrial player, developing and manufacturing solar solutions in the African continent market.

Nadji.Bi wishes to bring a local industrial alternative, able to bring value-added, quality and competitively to the local economies players.


Our Mission

Nadji.Bi wishes to become a key player of the Energy Transition on the Continent.

Nadji.Bi has the ambition to rapidly become a leading company of Business and Industry Solar market, Solar Street lighting market and Solar Smart Productive Devices.

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What We Do

Nadji.Bi is structured in 5 departments:

  1. Bi Devices – R&D/ Manufacturing
  2. Bi Projects – EPC/Full EPC Service
  3. Bi Consulting – Training/Technical and Financial Engineering
  4. Bi Distribution – Devices with Pay-As-You-Go Partners in Joint Venture
  5. Bi Digital – Iot/Mobile Banking/Big Data/E-Business/E-Training

Our history

Established in 2014 in Senegal, Nadji.Bi Group (Nadji.Bi) is specialised in Research & Development and in industrial manufacturing of impacts solar solutions, in rural as well as in urban area, and for households or agricultural uses. Nadji.Bi is currently operating in more than 6 countries, including Gambia.

Nadji.Bi Gambia was established in 2018 as one of the branches of Nadji.Bi Group.

Why choose us?

Nadji Bi is invested in finding solutions for Africa’s energy needs and with Africa at heart, our products and projects are tailored to give the best results.

Our products are designed to withstand and complement the environment and climate experienced in Africa for more affordable prices compared to imported solutions. We promote efficiency through our designs.

Nadji.Bi is the first solar solutions manufacturer based in African continent to receive a prestigious quality verification from « Lighting Global » issued by IFC-World Bank group, proving the quality and the reliability of the R&D and innovation work of Nadji.Bi Group teams.

We have experts and professionals working on our solutions from designing to implementation. Our team has vast experience in working with different sectors from large small, to provide modern, clean solutions.

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